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Mindful-compassionate virtual therapy services
for adults (ages 19+) living in the province of Ontario. 

Discover how I can help you. 

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Inspiring change and improving quality of life through self-awareness and self-exploration.

Individual Therapy

Many of my clients are highly sensitive, acutely aware of life's subtleties and process information deeply. They have beautiful, strong qualities like diligence, intuition, creativity and a deep empathy for the world around them. But life transitions, loss, change, and even negativity or criticism can quickly transform into stress, emotional overload, pain and suffering.

It is human nature to switch to survival mode when life becomes tough to protect against suffering. We retreat into ourselves and mask our emotions to keep ourselves safe.

But what happens if this automatic system glitches and gets stuck?

We begin to struggle with reoccurring protective behaviours or thought patterns that no longer serve a useful purpose; in effect, we begin to make our lives smaller and add to our suffering.

This is where my clients find that individual therapy - an evidenced-based process for creating balanced self-awareness can influence behavioural change and make a difference in their lives.

The effectiveness of individual therapy is rooted in the connective strength of the therapeutic relationship. A confidential, one-on-one partnership where individuals (ages 17+) can safely explore challenging life situations using a collaborative and compassionate approach.

Individual therapy is neither easy nor quick (no big bandaids here); it requires commitment and work. To truly manage the symptoms you are experiencing, we must understand the messaging behind them - what purpose do they serve?

With mindful curiosity, we will explore areas of your life and history that may keep you stuck, produce symptoms of discomfort and pain, and hold you back from living the life you value.

We will patiently work together to bring these areas into the light. We will learn and practice specific skills unique to your particular needs to release their influence on your present life so you can begin to pursue the change you desire.


What therapy looks like.
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All aspects of an individual's being and experience are relevant to therapeutic outcomes and require a co-created exploration process for success.

Our work together will involve reaffirming the core values that motivate you and reevaluating the basis of your thought-feeling-self relationship. We will create experiential exercises and use engaging metaphors to navigate and build your compassionate self-awareness. We will integrate different treatment techniques from various therapeutic schools of thought to do work relative to your specific needs.

Therapy with me is built on the principles of mindful acceptance and focused compassion.

 Mindful acceptance and compassion-focused therapy hold that our internal dialogue matters and influences how we manage distressing and challenging life eventsThe greater the compassionate flexibility we have, including the ability to direct it towards ourselves and our struggles, the less we will suffer in our experience. This approach has been shown to help individuals struggling with various concerns: self-criticism, self-blame, worries, fears, anger, grief, loss and traumatic pain. 

You will learn to hold your thoughts lightly, yourself kindly, and your values closely as you move toward the life you deserve.

Where does our work together begin?


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Maybe you are noticing that you can't relax, you feel like you are living on the edge and cannot turn off that running narrative in your mind, OR maybe you are feeling emotionally burnt out, irritable, and experiencing frequent bouts of crying; I can help. Like you, many Canadians struggle with anxiety and feelings of unexplained panic. If untreated, symptoms can narrow lives by limiting pleasurable activities and social connections. Rather than simply trying to get over your fears and rid yourself of anxiety, we will learn to transform your relationship with them. Developing psychological flexibility is the key to dropping the struggle against yourself and finding freedom and meaning again. 



Life is full of changes, and being a human is complex. It can feel like you are floating upstream without a paddle. Relationship stress, career worries, and changes to established roles and identity are examples of big and small, planned and unplanned life transitions that can leave someone feeling distressed and influence how they think about themselves and how they act toward others. Together we explore what is keeping you stuck - fear, obligation, guilt. You will learn to listen to your inner voice through self-compassion and give yourself what you need – safety, comfort, and love. You will learn to be true to yourself and do what matters - manage conflicts, reduce stress, frustration, and tension, and move towards savouring your new stage in life.

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You may feel shattered or broken, unable to feel or move past an intolerable experience. You may find yourself asking how much pain and suffering can one person survive. You may feel like you will never be the same. Whether you are navigating the death of a loved one, dealing with the repercussions of a life-changing accident or severe illness, or feeling the shocking blow of betrayal or divorce, there is hope. You can harness your light. Together we will learn how to mend your emotional wounds and find a wholeness you never thought possible. Using mindful compassion, you will explore holding your suffering gently, nurturing peace and calm, finding agency over your experience and uncovering wisdom cultivated by moving through the chaos, pain and loss. Yes, you will be different because of what you endured. Still, you can allow yourself to reemerge stronger and ready to contribute to the world around you.


Videoconferencing therapy sessions, appointment bookings, and session payments use the Jane Software Inc. This platform has an encrypted and secure interface to safeguard your personal health information. Potential risks are associated with all electronic communications technology - so please use secure passwords and update software security regularly.


I practice under clinical supervision, ensuring ethical gatekeeping and professional oversight. I am committed to your safety, privacy and the confidentiality of your personal health information.


The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover treatment with private psychotherapists. If you have an extended insurance plan through your employer (or partner's employer), you may be entitled to reimbursement for "psychological services" or treatment with a "psychotherapist". Plans vary, and you may wish to check the details before booking your initial session.


Notice of 24 hours is required to cancel appointment bookings. Clients canceling within the 24 hour window will be billed 1/2 the hourly service fee. Missed appointment bookings are billed at full cost to the client. 


A Compassionate Space Psycotherapy does not provide a 24-hour crisis response. In an emergency, please call your local Distress Centre (Toronto – 416-408-4357; Halton – 905-849-4541) and speak directly with a crisis worker, or visit an emergency room, or dial 911. See RESOURCES page for more information.


$160 (including HST) per 50-minute session

Payable at the time of service; credit card and etransfer accepted.

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Service Fees

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Happiness is found when we go with the flow of life, not when we rail against it, and self-compassion can help us navigate these turbulent rapids with a wise, accepting heart.

                           - Kristin Neff
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