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Calm Woman
real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new lands
seeing with new eyes.
- Marcel Proust

This is a different kind of therapy practice.

Let's do some meaningful work together.
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Therapy as an aspiring journey of self-discovery.

Clients hold the wisdom necessary to navigate their journey. But it can be hard to trust your inner voice when a battle has raged so long within.

Let me be your gentle guide.

I hold a safe and supportive therapy space where you can reconnect with your inner wisdom.

You are not alone.

Together, we curiously explore your internal landscape through a different lens - a compassionate perspective. Here you will become reacquainted with your inner strength and lean into mindful awareness, becoming open to letting go of what is no longer serving you and keeping you stuck - judgment, rules and control.

I am here for you.

Together, we reach a place of mindful self-compassion, a place of meaning and acceptance - a space of loving, connected presence, a place to flourish and to heal.

A different perspective.

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Holding compassion for someone allows a kind, genuine open acceptance to shine - creating a mindful presence.

I will work alongside you to create an integrated, personalized approach plan that is worthwhile to you. Together we will explore where you are stuck, lean in with compassion, and reconnect with your inner-most self. We will expand your perception of self-acceptance, embrace a balanced awareness and set value-aligned goals toward a life that is rich and meaningful for you.

A Compassionate Space Psychotherapy

Life is challenging. It is busy and chaotic - work, family, and relationships. The experience of loss, stress, worries about the future, and concerns about being enough, we all get caught up in a life whirlwind. And it becomes difficult sometimes to hit the pause button and savour the beauty or gently soothe the pain.

It is time to drop the struggle against ourselves, learn to work with ourselves,

and move toward what gives us meaning and purpose.

Presence is the greatest gift you can share; an open heart bearing witness without trying to fix, judge, or change.

It is human nature to try and save ourselves from complex emotional experiences. Many people, including myself, have become victims of their agenda of control and caught up in an endless cycle of avoidance and suffering. Chronic pain, tension, and headaches become powerful somatic symbols - we need to make a change.

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Individual Therapy

 Offering one-on-one psychotherapy services for individuals 17+ living in the province of Ontario. Trauma-informed, culturally sensitive, and utilizing evidence-based treatment methods. Specializing in mindful-acceptance therapies with a holistic, integrative approach. Collaborating with clients to address psychological, emotional, relational and behavioural concerns influencing their quality of life.

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Video Conferencing

Honouring your right to autonomy and self-determination and providing convenience and accessibility for therapy at your fingertips in a setting of your choice - where you are most safe and comfortable. A private, secure portal to schedule, attend and pay for therapy sessions. Interfaced on an encrypted and secure software platform to safeguard confidentiality and privacy. Evidenced-based support for the therapeutic effectiveness of virtual therapy for addressing most clients’ concerns.

Video Conference

 Core Values


Sincerity is the solid foundation on which a therapeutic relationship is built. With the steadfast ability to be honest, true and real, a sincere therapist creates a patient and compassionate space where clients can feel safe enough to explore light and shadow.

Photo of Lori Schledewitz, standing, smiling
Lori Schledewitz

she/her; Registered Psychotherapist 

Hey! Who am I? Well, I am a lot of things (a psychotherapist, wife, mother, friend, hockey player, bandmate, nature enthusiast, and avid reader), but most importantly - I am a fellow traveller on the journey of self-discovery. My life journey has been a roller coaster ride, taking me on many life-changing adventures. I am intuitive and curious and eagerly seek new experiences that expand my mind and help me grow as a fellow human. I believe in the restorative powers of genuine connections and crave sincere, compassionate discussions. My interaction style is down-to-earth, honest, and kind, with a sprinkling of quirky humour. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and two undergraduate degrees - Cultural Anthropology and Recreation Studies, emphasizing aging. I have begun to hone my therapeutic skills by completing specific training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, and Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC). These therapy models complement my mindful, compassionate-focused approach to guiding and supporting clients. My professional practice reflects beliefs, values and ethics that honour the beauty and struggle of common humanity. I am dedicated and committed to an inclusive strengths-based, anti-oppressive approach, respecting the lived experience of my clients and systemic barriers that impact their lives. My journey, or lived experience of healing and self-discovery, provides me with reverence for holding a therapeutic space for my clients that feels safe and supportive. I believe in the virtue of the therapeutic relationship and the value of feeling seen, heard and understood in therapy. I find meaning in my therapeutic work and experience joy in my daily practice of gratitude and meditation. I am learning to embrace and appreciate life - the beauty and strength in flaws and imperfections. I try to balance quiet moments of inner reconnection to recharge and adventurous moments to explore what life offers. I value connections and cherish time spent with family and friends.

The journey back home to
yourself is the most beautiful, challenging, and empowering
adventure you will ever embark upon.
- Megan Hallman
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