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Welcome to a mindful space
filled with healing kindness.

A space to rediscover and nourish
positive self-connection.

A space to flourish and settle into balanced self-awareness.

Welcome to


held just for you.

Virtual therapy for individuals living in Ontario struggling to manage anxiety.

Your Journey Compassionately Held.

Whether your path takes you

inward for self-awakening

or outward and self-emerging, 

know that you are not alone.

Are you struggling to balance a new life transition or trying to manage the anguish of grief or loss?

Do you feel overwhelmed with worry, stress, anxiety and panic as your inner critic replays all your old 'personal failures' hits?

If you are finding it hard to decompress, having trouble sleeping, or noticing how always being the 'yes' person makes you feel lost in your relationships - I am here for you.

I can help you navigate your journey, providing guidance and support from a different perspective. As a team, we can explore different ways to flexibly and productively manage those difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories, so they have less impact and influence over you and your life.

Nothing can hold you back from living your best life.

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Photo of Lori Schledewitz

What makes therapy with me
SO different
from anyone else?

 I get it.

Therapy, the journey of self-discovery, can be challenging - even scary at times. Being vulnerable and exposing our innermost selves, those private spaces filled with both shadow and light. It is hard. It takes courage and resiliency. We battle within ourselves - against ourselves, fighting hard against taking an easier path to avoid, pushing away, and forgetting the pain and fear.

 I have been there too.

 I have felt trapped, gridlocked, and stuck in a rinse, wash, repeat cycle of thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories holding me back and keeping me from living the life I want.

There is hope, you have a choice.

Worries, shame, anger and sadness can take up less of our mental real estate. By learning to become flexibly attentive - leaning into our inner wisdom, noticing and choosing how, where and why we focus our attention, we develop the freedom to act on what really matters. 

Fill your life with what you love.

You don't have to feel you are missing out or out of step. You can choose to be a willing participant savouring everything life sends your way rather than a fearful spectator. 


Where will our work together take us?
A quick look at focused services available.
A bright pink lotus flower by Sora Sagano
Overcome doubts, worries and fears.
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Struck in a pattern of sleep issues, anxiety, depression, phobias, social anxiety, or obsessive compulsions?

Together we will become curious about what your mind is saying to you - what purpose it could serve and how it is holding you back. We will explore ways to unhook from the frustrating gridlock with a dysfunctional autopilot so you can fully engage with what's meaningful in your life.

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Struggling with self-doubt, depleted confidence, loss of self or caregiver fatigue, or fears of rejection or abandonment?

Working together, we explore what is at your core and what gives your life purpose and meaning. We will strive to identify gaps - areas in your life where who you are and how you've been living are out of sync and discover how to bridge them. We learn to harness compassion and release fear, obligation and guilt that create distance keeping you from the things you value, the life you want to live and the people you want to share it with.  

Sunrise between two cliffs by Jezael Melgoza
Enhance your relationships - with yourself and others
A Japanese kintsugi tea bowl
Find peace and fulfillment when life is most difficult.
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Suffering from chronic pain or headaches, diminshed concentration, memory or brain fog, difficulty trusting others, or feelings of numbness, irritability or anger?

Together we will learn how to mend the emotional wounds of loss, tragedy and trauma. Gently we will explore being kind to yourself in the presence of sadness, pain and disappointment. We will work towards recovering purpose and values and reconnecting with how you want to live. And we will become curious - opening to all the present moment in life holds for us. Patiently and compassionately, we will learn how to embrace the hurt and discover how to draw both beauty and strength from the remaining wisdom of the scar. 

I respectfully acknowledge the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and the Anishinabek and the treaty lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit. I recognize the privilege to practice in an area of rich history on land lovingly cared for by generations of First Nations and Metis peoples. With sincere gratitude and humbled commitment, I pledge to honour the care given to and the historical teachings of these lands and their first peoples.  

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